About Us

Homegrown Shrimp USA is a newly established company owned by Charoen Pokphand Foods Ltd, Public Company (CPF) located near Indiantown Florida.  The objectives of Homegrown Shrimp USA is to explore the economics of culturing and marketing locally grown shrimp for the USA shrimp market.  Initially a pilot growout farm and hatchery will be operated on the 40-acre property.   Recirculating technologies will be developed and demonstrated for both growout and hatchery operations.   The site will be unique in that part of the development is to find ways in which to completely recycle water,  collect and either recycle or safely dispose of wastes so as not to impact the environment,  and develop technologies that are more efficient and reduce the requirement for manpower.   Automation and mechanical processes will be implemented whenever possible   In addition to the shrimp culture units;  the site will have a small completely recirculating closed hatchery using  improved CPF SPF  broodstock  to produce up to 10 million post larvae per month; with the intent of not just providing post larvae to the farm but to provide the high performance post larvae that CPF has become noted for to all farms in both the USA and Europe.  CPF Broodstock are known to be the fastest growing producing the largest P. Vannamei in the world; and for this completely biosecure RAS project; a new strain of shrimp will introduced.   The project will explore methods for establishing local markets for fresh shrimp, grown in these highly controlled systems that will use no chemicals.  CPF, which is noted for manufacturing world leading shrimp feeds, will be providing feeds that can be specially formulated for the special needs of the high intensity farming being operated at Homegrown Shrimp USA.  

And first post larvae is available in March of 2020. It is anticipated that the first shrimp for fresh markets will be available in September 2021,    When the site is in full operations, Homegrown Shrimp USA will have fresh shrimp for sale every week of the year; and this should be the case by September 2021.